KWNCTATINOC DECPOTH CO PALEOLOG, QYXAPOTH BACILYC POMEON in two lines around nimbate, crowned bust of Constantine XI facing. Text Image; DOC 1789 DO 1787. Constantine XI (1404-53), Last Byzantine Emperor, ... Icon of the Triumph of Orthodoxy. Size: 35cm x 24cm x 3cm (13.78″ x 9.45″ x 1.18″) Materials: tempera, gold leaf, solid wood panel, varnish Technique: egg tempera, gilding We take time and carefully photograph each icon. Constantine XI Palaiologos - Constantin XI Paléologue - Costantino XI Paleologo - Konstantinos Palaiologos -Constantijn Palaiologos Dragases ... St Constantine icon on ceramic tile - catholic saint - saints art - patron saint TerryTiles2014. IC - XC, nimbate bust of Christ facing, holding book of Gospels, double dotted border. Empress Theodora restored their use in 843. This icon celebrates the ‘Triumph of Orthodoxy’ over iconoclasm. The young Ottoman sultan, Mehmet II, and his armies began their siege on Easter Monday, April 2, 1453. Constantine XI Monomachos - Augusta Zoe in Hagia Sophia . Orthodox icon of Saint Ypomoni (Patience) the Righteous. Oct 27, 2015 - Statue of Great Martyr Emperor Constantine XI Paleologos in Athens. Bendall 91. 5 out of 5 stars (3,952) 3,952 reviews $ 12.09. Her name was Helen Dragash and after she became wife of Manuel II Palaiologos she was "Helen in Christ Gog Augu Silver stavraton (6.62 gm). Despite the fact she poisoned at least one of her husbands and was a slave to luxury and other sensual vices, Zoe loved cats. The siege, once it began, lasted for eight weeks. Oct 27, 2015 - Statue of Great Martyr Emperor Constantine XI Paleologos in Athens. From shop TerryTiles2014. Constantine XI Paeleologus (AD 1448-1453). Icons People : Constantine XI, Last Byzantine Emperor → Constantine XI Draga Palaiologos, was the last reigning Byzantine Emperor, reigning as a member of the Palaiologos dynasty from 1449 to his death in battle at the fall of Constantinople. Mosaic of Constantine XI and Zoe in Hagia Sophia Here's a page dedicated to the famous mosaic of the beautiful Zoe the Porphyrogenita and her third husband Constanine the … Constantinople. Commemorated March 13th. This Orthodox icon depicts Saint Ypomoni who was the mother of the last Emperor of Constantinople, Constantine XI Palaiologos. In ad 730 the Byzantine Emperor Leo III forbade the use of icons within the empire. First I want to start by stating something in Zoe's favor. Beautiful hand-painted icon of Emperor St Constantine XI. Please check out all photos! It was an act of vast historical portent. However, the reality, as always, is a bit more complex. Istanbul - Istanbul - Constantinople: Within three weeks of his victory, the foundation rites of New Rome were performed, and the much-enlarged city was officially inaugurated on May 11, 330. Constantine Dragases Palaiologos was born on 8 February 1405 as the fourth son of Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos (r. 1391–1425), the eighth emperor of the Palaiologos dynasty. Oct 27, 2015 - Statue of Great Martyr Emperor Constantine XI Paleologos in Athens .. By Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius, Ph.D., The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Many history books say that the Roman Empire ended in the 5th century, and that is true in one sense. Inside the city walls, Emperor Constantine XI was determined to hold out, even if the situation was hopeless.