Maybe Duk Seon also give Jung Hwan chocolates hehe. You started to think as stupid but loyalful for auidence! The love triangle between Jung Hwan, Duk Seon, and Choi Taek was a love triangle I treasured so much. The ending really got to me especially Deoksun's last words about youth. katie Jan 17 2016 11:49 am Omg ,cant get over ep11! and thank you for sharing your talents to us viewers... iloveyou all... karen Feb 15 2016 9:48 pm Anyone could be a potential partner and it all depends on time. Just Me Apr 26 2018 4:31 pm I still like this series but I can say I'm just a little disappointed with how they try to push Junghwan character aside, and still recommend it to everyone (Family stories is so, especially the middle child scenario). Kim hee chan As you can see, he married his sunbae in Med school. I totally agree with most of the comments here. putri Jan 08 2016 7:15 am After that, he became part of the cast of The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) and the more recent Fight for My Way (2017). I don’t think i would be able to move on for 20 years. i actually first fell in love with JH when he punched those bullies for Sun Woo when they wanted him to take off his dad's chain. I wasn't sure if this was something I would like, but I am so glad I watched it. Ruined from episode 17. although as we all can see, just from the lineup actor here in asianwiki we'll be able to see that the guy lead is junghwan so he probes gunna be the husband but i hope some plot twist and duksun end up with taek, joonyeol Dec 15 2015 3:20 am Melissa Nov 14 2015 1:23 am Why oh why? They way he not tell that he love Deok Sun is because at the same time he also in love with Taek. Sorry if you find my comment harsh. He TOTALLY should be a gay character! best kseries ever....rooting for dukseon and junghwan... monstar ❤ Jan 01 2016 8:42 am you said it! But i'd love it more when dukseon with junghwan. like sunwoo and bora. dreamhigh Sep 05 2016 3:19 pm And Taek's left handed :). Its very heartwarming when it comes to the story about each family and their friendship bond. Just like what I said, literally the best. well I guess aside from the warm and family-oriented vibes this drama gave, it was the choice of husband. I think the writer was trying to REALLY keep us guessing with this one. This show was awesome! hwaiting! if you are hesitant in watching this drama because of the negative comments of others, and if by chance you have already made a decision not to watch it, well i guess you're gonna miss something great. #teamTaek Jan 27 2016 3:07 pm But for me, it doesn't matter who is the real husband anyway because the important thing you can see is the meaning of this drama not only about love but also friends, family and togetherness, which means it can be anything happen because this is just drama xD and i saw park bo gum's several drama before in reply, i'm sure you must be love his acting and can not resist his beautiful and his sincere smile! I haven't watch the last episode yet. @monstar i totally get you!! Keep it up! Already hate this. Young Ae Feb 05 2016 5:44 am Happy Fan Feb 02 2016 1:11 am the end of episode 18 was amazing! and seriously the husband took a 360 character change WHICH MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL. One of my favourite drama ever. JH had his chance, as we could see many times, he had chances to explain many things (about the pink shirt for example), and he had chance to get the girl, but he stayed in silence, in the end he could never be the husband staying always in stand-by about his feelings... when he confessed, her heart was with another man and he could see it... well, thats the lesson I get of it: no pride, no "later", especially when it comes to love. To the writer of Reply 1988, Thank You for creating Junghwan and the rest of the Ssangmungdong Squad. what the heck is wrong with the ending!!!! #teamjunghwan #teamtaek, Hend Dec 16 2015 1:05 am Sorry for whoever like her. hani Jan 15 2016 10:42 pm I think people who said this drama is lame they're on jung hwan team, but i'm sure they all know this drama isn't bad, i'm on team taek i think the writer just play our heart, she makes us believe that it must be jung hwan becomes the husband just like reply 97 and 94 we're all know who the husband and that's correct, the writter want to give something new on reply sequel, something unpredictable, maybe the relationship between duk sun and taek wasn't that deep but that's what the point, the writer wants this drama have a plot twist, and thats really works. <3, lheymarie Oct 03 2017 5:11 am We love how they always ate bungeo-ppang together, how Mr. Choi's relationship with Jin Ju developed, how Mrs. dont really care who the husband is.. but proud of actor and actress in this drama..the did so well. I cried i laughed i get mad i get frustrated, excited and everything. I’m done watched for the 5 time!!!!! same like deoksun and sunwoo case in the beginning. This is a feel-good and refreshing drama. I'm still hoping for duk sun and jung hwan. The man who has sincere love like JH is the winner of women heart. omg this drama is so beautiful al perfect to me ! EPISODE 19 WAS HAVING THE STUPIDEST TWIST EVER IN THE HISTORY OF KDRAMA... that pissed me off! Why is it that these dramas start strong but end up so messed up, what a BS ending!! <3. Because her friends just insisted that Sun Woo likes her so she just being captured with the moment, but with Jung Hwan she can't accept it and denies this but you all know that she really likes Jung Hwan. i just wanna know how the others in the end, they didnt brought up the reunion thing. jung hwan better be the husband Dec 12 2015 8:13 pm Love all the Reply series! Can't believe I waited for literally weeks to just get some action between DS and JH. i am really curious who is her future husband. Writers are very talented when it comes to playing with our hearts i might cry when i watch the last episode.. bt the drama was worth watching..though the main plot ( husband game) is very tiring. To be quite honest, I was skeptical of Hyeri's acting in the beginning. Reply series always gets me crying so hard, the feels are real. Horrible way to end this fantastic series.. Vicky Jul 10 2017 9:36 pm In one twist! Did he live well? oh my god you guys way to ruin it for EVERYONE!!! Team Taek!!! It's not really important who is the husband since the writter told us not to focus on that husband hunting. I'm not a fan of her, but I think she did well. I have watched hundreds of dramas but this one surely stuck to me! I cant stand but too sue him. whatevs, the wound is fresh, let us be salty and petty for a while! His character amazes me every single episode. Ive just started watching this and omg. I am not against JH, but Remember guys, if you are mad because Deuk Seon did not end up with JH, there are the same number of people who are happy with Taek ending up with DS..! dramaAl Feb 14 2016 10:14 am Many ppl said that 'Deoksun and Taek' are really cute. The genre of this drama is comedy. Kay Dec 28 2015 3:23 am laika Jun 02 2016 8:39 am to all my fellow Korean Drama Fans from India. I laughed and cried so much everytime I watch it. ♥♥♥, monstar ❤ Jan 15 2016 8:20 pm (I know you already knew it) A BIG twist. It seems there will be a bigger emphasis on community/family, which I like. Thank you. Do not believe others here who are saying this drama is rubbish! meenameendo Mar 04 2016 8:33 am Daftar Pemain Drama Reply 1988. The story is soooo beautiful. Still can't portrait chemistry between taek With duksun.. reply Mar 03 2016 7:26 am But why??? One of the best drama imo. Reply 1988 makes me want to be back to the old times. I hate the fact that Taek is the husband and not junghwan. Love Taeksun couple.What a cute couple <3 <3 <3. because in one of the episodes they showed consecutive scenes of DS wiping her brothers mouth while eating and in the same manner she wiped CT's mouth in the next scene.