CONTROL YOUR LIGHTS WITH EASE With the Philips Hue App, you can easily organize your individual lights into rooms. Recommended products . Hi Kenzie. I have a Dell XPS 13 Model. The standard Philips Hue app does all of the basics that you could want, from letting you control the color and dimming level of your smart lightbulbs, to choosing from a variety of different preset scenes to match your mood.. A mini-app that explores integrating Windows features with intelligent home automation. Limiting yourself to just the official Hue app though – despite its recent updates – is missing out on a wonderful world of options. Try resetting the Camera app at Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Camera > Advanced Options. Windows 10 (x64) Hue Sync is only available to download on desktop. *** The Hue Sync app is compatible with Windows 10 and MacOS Sierra/High Sierra and up. ... Set up a new entertainment area in the Philips Hue App. The Philips Hue App makes it easy for you to get the most out of your Hue lights and accessories. Hue Disco. Switch rooms on/off or change the color or brightness of all your lights to match your mood or your activity. I have used a couple of other Hue app on Windows, and this is the best of them, I have it installed on my 950XL, Surface Pro, desktop and Xbox One, and will also purchase this app for my wife for her 950, Surface Pro and Xbox. I know they have an app for the phone, but I was wondering if I could control them remotely with my Windows Laptop? Specifically, it shows how you can use Cortana and Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) to create an interactive experience with the Phillips Hue Lights (a Wi-Fi enabled lighting system).. Before you can start streaming and syncing your lights, you must first create an Entertainment area in the Philips Hue app. I'm Greg, an installation specialist and 9 year Windows MVP, here to help you. It is the heart of your system, managing all your smart LED lights and storing your customized settings — and giving you full control over your smart lights via the Hue app. The best Windows Hue app on the market at the moment. Note - This sample is targeted and tested for Windows 10, version 2004 (10.0; Build 19041), and Visual Studio 2019. If you choose to store your HUE Camera Viewer projects on Google Drive, you will be asked for permission to connect to the service so that the software can display and save your images and videos on your Drive. This application cannot be used on a mobile device. Hey everyone, I just managed to install my new Philips Hue Lights all over the house. Use the Philips Hue Sync app on your PC/Mac. Get Tech Support 1 … Install the Philips Hue Sync app onto your PC or Mac to capture content you're playing, watching or listening to and translate it into an immersive light show. Step 3. A real time-saver. HUE Camera Viewer is a free tool for connecting to your HUE camera using Google’s Chrome browser on Windows, macOS or Chrome OS. Thanks. I believe is it worthy of inclusion on your list of great Hue apps, and was even nominated by Microsoft themselves for the “app creator of the year award” at Build 2017. The Hue Bridge is the smart light hub for Philips Hue. Transform the way you experience light with Philips Hue. I develop the hueDynamic for Hue application for PC, Windows Mobile and Xbox One. All Hue White and color ambiance smart LED lights connected to the Hue Bridge V2 and set up in an entertainment area work with the Hue Sync desktop app. To get started with Hue entertainment you’ll need our square-shaped bridge and white and color ambiance lights. Try the free version and see how you get on, but for Android users, this app comes thoroughly recommended as one of the Best Philips Hue apps. You can try HUE Camera Viewer now here.. Try the Hardware & Devices troubleshooter at Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.