Make sure to talk to your vet about a safe medication for a nursing mother. Kills fleas on contact. Pyriproxyfen is a pesticide which is found to be effective against a variety of insects. However, if you are a dog or cat owner, you might be interested to learn that S-Methoprene is in fact one of the active ingredients in the popular flea and tick control pet medications Frontline Plus for dogs and Frontline Plus for cats. However, the safety of Interceptor Plus has not been evaluated for pregnant or lactating dogs, and it is not recommended for cats. Call now: (855) 764-7661. Pyriproxyfen is a new insect growth regulator with potent activity against developing stages of the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis. Crucially, the products are non-toxic and safe for those most unique of all mammals — cats. Prevents sarcoptic mange & lice. Dinotefuran and pyriproxyfen are antiparasitic agents that are combined to create a safe and effective topical flea treatment for dogs and cats. Safe to use for cats 8 weeks and older. Safer Insecticide Alternatives. This difference in drug metabolism is why we must never assume that a drug or product which is safe for dogs will be safe to use for cats. The use of pyriproxyfen is also considered safe, though research is limited. After 3 DAYS of using this product her teeth have already gone from a scary looking brown and very unhealthy to a light shade of yellow. Fluralaner is a novel systemic ectoparasiticide for cats providing immediate and persistent flea- and tick-control after a single topical dose. It is used on pets (dogs and cats) and in pet areas (bedding). … Catego not only kills adult fleas by contact, it breaks the life cycle. A single application is effective for up to one month. Signed, Itching to Know. For example, methoprene is easily broken down in the presence of sunlight, while pyriproxyfen will last much longer in ultraviolet light. Pack Size. Many can be toxic to cats! Do not apply to cats & kittens weighing less than 5 lbs. Style Number: SAV001-CONFIG . The active ingredient is finopril, meaning that this solution will only work for adult parasites but not on their eggs or flea larvae. select. If symptoms continue, call your veterinarian immediately. select. From $19.95 . Do not apply to puppies or dogs weighing less than 11 lbs. proper and safe use. Advantage and Frontline were dreams come true for veterinarians. Dosage is applied topically. Catego kills fleas within 6 hours, and on the day of application achieves a 97% efficacy within 3 hours. Size of Breed. However, they can be very dangerous to young cats. Catego ® is the only product with the unique combination of these three proven active ingredients: Dinotefuran, Fipronil and Pyriproxyfen. After using Permethrin, check for any signs of sensitivity in your dog. select. Animal Safety: Margin of Safety Study: In a margin of safety study, Bravecto was administered topically to 11- to 13-week (mean age 12 weeks)-old-kittens at 1, 3, and 5X the maximum labeled dose of 93 mg/kg at three, 8-week intervals (8 cats per group). When used as directed, such products are safe and effective. Safe to use for dogs and puppies 7 weeks and older. The Agency is reviewing submitted data regarding the safety of Methoprene use on domestic animals. These products are derived from the chrysanthemum plant. Vectra 3D(tm) is toxic to cats and should not be used in households with cats. This type of product generally lasts for about 30 days. Pyriproxyfen is an insecticide used to control pests that affect public health, such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks, and fleas. Do not apply to puppies or dogs weighing less than 11 lbs. Catego, is a fast-acting flea and tick topical parasiticide made specifically for cats containing the active ingredients dinotefuran, fipronil and pyriproxyfen. (Read more about microcephaly here. Dinotefuran kills insects upon contact by interfering with the nerve conduction system. The active ingredients vary. select. Once FRONTLINE Gold is applied, fipronil stores itself in the oil glands in your pet's skin. Safe and Effective Flea Treatment Products for Cats. Insect growth regulators (IGRs), although unfortunately required by law to be tested on animals, are a safe alternative to pesticides. If he is displaying any symptoms, wash him with mild soap and rinse generously. Common IGRs found in flea preventive products and household sprays include fenoxycarb, pyriproxyfen, and methoprene. Dinotefuran kills fleas of all stages, while pyriproxyfen sterilizes them until dinotefuran kills them. Safe, natural pest repellents include: Cedar oil; Natural, food-grade diatomaceous earth; Fresh garlic -- work with your holistic vet to determine a safe amount for your pet’s body weight; Feeding your pet a balanced, species-appropriate diet. 59 incident fee applies. Pack Size. Pyriproxyfen, an insecticide, is rumored to be the real cause of increased cases of microcephaly in Brazil, not the Zika virus. Cats are easily irritated by external parasites like fleas, and this may result in skin allergies and a lot of scratching (due to the irritation). However, dogs and cats can easily become sick if too much or the wrong flea product is applied, or the product is ingested post-application. Size of Breed. Eliminates fleas in all life stages. The cats in the control group (0X) were treated with mineral oil. Toxicity Level. twice or more times. select. Dear I2K, Yes, unfortunately, those are the bee-toxic pesticides. 24/7 Call now (855) 764-7661. This product kills and repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, and contains pyriproxyfen, an insect growth regulator which prevents development of flea eggs and larva. The use of pyrethrins/pyrethroids is very safe in dogs; however, cats and fish are very sensitive to pyrethrins/pyrethroids. These products include Bio Spot® for Dogs (permethrin and pyriproxyfen), Bio Spot® for Cats® (etofenprox and pyriproxyfen), Zodiac Spot-on Plus® for Cats (etofenprox and methoprene IGR), and many others. The healthier your dog or cat is, the less appealing she’ll be to parasites. It is also used as a prevention for flea control on household pets, … Negative reactions such as vomiting, diarrhea, and tremors were only observed at supratherapeutic (higher than recommended) doses. Toxicity Level. It has the advantage of being safe for cats and kittens over 8 weeks of age, making it the most suitable flea spray for use on kittens. Quantity. This is a topical treatment indicated for the treatment of fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. I received it at the beginning of this week. Safe to use for dogs and puppies 7 weeks and older. For some dogs and cats, just one flea bite can trigger an uncomfortable and damaging skin reaction, so even stronger flea control may be necessary. Vectra 3D(tm) is recommended for monthly application. If your cat has become infested with fleas it's also likely that those fleas are now living in your home, and although they don't live on humans they do bite and cause skin irritation. Never use spot-ons for dogs in cats; never use spot-ons for large dogs in small dogs. The cat liver lacks certain proteins (enzymes) that break down some chemicals into harmless forms, meaning that the chemical can accumulate in the cat’s body and cause serious illness. Cats . Catego ® is an effective monthly prevention and treatment of fleas, ticks and chewing lice for cats and kittens (weighing over 1.5 lbs and over 8 weeks of age). The most common types of insecticide used to kill fleas are pyrethrins. It was introduced to the US in 1996, to protect cotton crops against whitefly.It has also been found useful for protecting other crops. Advantage Key Features . Catego ® is designed specifically for cats and only cats. Ingestion occurs if the dog or cat licks the treated area. Prevents future infestation. Key ingredients: fipronil & methoprene. From $19.95 . Below is more information about potential reactions and flea control product toxicity in pets. One group acted as untreated controls, and each cat in the other was given a single dose of 1 mg/kg pyriproxyfen. Only use topical medications to treat fleas on the mother. Keywords: VetGuard Plus®; Dogs; Permethrin; Pyriproxyfen; Ectoparasiticide safety; Pyrethroids; Insect growth regulators Ectoparasites are a constant problem in dogs, and their potential to transmit zoonotic pathogens makes them a major public health concern worldwide. (applicator included) Eliminates infesting fleas & ticks. Safe to use for cats 8 weeks and older. These insecticides must be used with special care in small dogs and cats. Starts working with 12 hours. When used according to label directions, pyrethrins are safe and effective. It protects against the whole flea life cycle for up to 30 days in total and protects against re-infestation better than any other product available. Cats are highly susceptible to permethrin poisoning, even through skin contact, so if you have a cat and a dog, look for safer alternatives for your home. Below is a list of insecticides that, when used as directed, can be safer to use around pets. Destroys eggs & larva. A. FRONTLINE Gold has 3 secret weapons: fipronil, to take out adult fleas and ticks AND (S)-methoprene and pyriproxyfen to kill the next generation of flea eggs and larvae before they can develop into adult fleas. Disclaimer. Do not apply to cats & kittens weighing less than 5 lbs. Incidents of toxicity to cats from the use of products containing Methoprene have been reported to the Agency. The risk of overdosing is considerable, either due to erroneous calculations or to unskilled manipulation. It happens that some users want to save money buying large tablets or spot-ons for treating smaller dogs (or even cats!) Speak to an expert now: (855) 764-7661. Cat fleas Ctenocephalides felis) are the most important ectoparasite of dogs and cats worldwide. Flea and Tick Treatment for Cats. ... and cat breeds, spot-on treatments are available for different animal weights. Emodepsid and praziquantel are routinely used to control intestinal worm infections in cats. Acetamiprid ; Imidacloprid; Lufenuron; Nitenpyram; Pyriproxyfen; S-Methoprene; Spinosad; Follow the Label. If you have a cat or multiple cats and would like to avoid pyrethrin/pyrethroid-based products, which I typically* recommend to any cat owner, below are some of the safer and most-effective flea control products for cats. To determine its duration of action after application as a spot-on topical treatment, 20 cats were allocated to two groups. Some products contain a permethrin insecticide that can be toxic to some pets. Many spot-on products give a weight range (for example, up to 22 lbs or 23-44 lbs) for ap-plying the product, and have separate products available for different weight ranges. Never use on cats and it may not be safe to use if you own cats. With that said I bought some of your DentaSure teeth spray for my cat. If you think your dog or cat are having side-effects or were exposed to pyrethrins/pyrethroids, call your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline immediately for life-saving treatment advice. What is S-Methoprene. Dogs. Quantity. Treats, prevents and controls lice infestations. Are there any safe flea treatments out there for pets? Certain varieties of these chemicals last longer in the environment than others. Safe for use on cats & dogs. The owner must know the weight of the pet before purchasing a product. All pesticides may cause sensitivity after use. Style Number: SAV001-CONFIG . select. These medications are usually safe to use on nursing mothers and should not affect your kittens. Treats, prevents and controls lice infestations. S-Methoprene is a chemical which is used for insect control, in particular fleas. Oral safety of a dinotefuran - pyriproxyfen combination (Vectra Felis®) in adult and young cats July 2015 Conference: European Association for Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology