and why Kim Shin can love Eun Tak because she is shinning girl who make his hearts warm. Anitamaldita Dec 25 2016 10:08 pm Thanks! its definitely one of the greatest drama that I wont forget. Go Soo (born October 4, 1978), also known as Ko Soo, is a South Korean actor. I'm happy this drama is far from any plot Iv seen, it is setting new record for next kdramas. I want a happy ending pls!!! Pada hari ini (12/02), agensi dari aktris muda Go Soo Jung (lahir 24 april 1995) mengumumkan bahwa sang aktris telah meninggal dunia dan upacara pemakaman telah di lakukan tertutup oleh pihak … I love this drama. Goblin really deserves all the attention. This one is my favorite. Even if he is an immortal god, he still has a life and who is she to disrupt his life whenever she pleases? Love that song... Diana Dec 06 2016 9:08 pm But I was surprised how well she wrote this one. I love his sweet eyes. i love gong yoo. Also, WHY DID SHE HAVE TO BE A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT?! Eun Tak's mom died when she was 9, I personally like this drama and see nothing wrong with the personalities of the characters here. Iyagi Jan 04 2019 5:51 am if i can guess the bride is Sunny, because she was the princess in a previous life. It's in English, with organ as the instrument, and sung by a woman. The chemistry was so cute and lovable between the actors. I don't wanna hurt others... noor Dec 02 2016 7:35 pm And so missing this drama. the bromance between GY & LDW is the only reason why I'm still watching this drama but now I do enjoy the scenes between the Reaper and Sunny .I just hope KES will give them more screen time. I know its genr is mostly drama and it makes me want to come it to the end as soon as possible. me_nina Apr 24 2016 8:18 am Their love story is the focus of the drama. Loved the Dokkaebi ( Goblin) couple, they had the perfect amount of cuteness, love, respect, fun and sugar and spice and everything nice. Nightingale Dec 04 2016 10:20 pm Besides, I don't care too much for over the top romance. Instant research about this drama when i saw the latest news that Yook SungJae accept role for Goblin. I admit the story was interesting in the beginning, which kinda get me hook up especially the bromance between goblin and grim reaper. 12 years gap is something. Luvenyou Jan 01 2017 10:59 am :*, mt Oct 29 2020 5:59 pm @????? First episode amazing! Now, what about go joon hee or so ae? when i thought that i'll never like kdrama again since dots, here i am, like this drama more than i like dots.. the story is so refreshing and unique..the characters are also so natural, like everyone has their funny side, childish side, witty side, pierce side, mature side, and so on.. and the chemistry between every character is superb.. euntak kimshin, wangyeo sunny, kimshin wangyeo, euntak wangyeo, kimshin dokhwa,wangyeo dokhwa, i cant decide which is my favorite.. i like them all.. tsuki Jan 09 2017 6:08 am @dramadrama Umm.. MAY. Am a nigerian and i loveeeeee south koreans and their movies..its even my dream to visit korea one day and if possible fall in love with one of their flower Of course, kudos, too for the writer and director!! kim go eun is one of potential actors in her generation, like seriously every movies or dramas which is her lead, i can't recognize that she is the same person. Man! I fell in love to the character of Gong Yoo as Goblin. Some people bash Kim Go Eun's appearance, but I like her, her unique beauty is necessary in K-drama industry. If she doesn't have customer, i think she doesn't have enough money to hire a worker. There was no stupid love triangle, for which are kdramas very known. better prepare for the next episodes. And if someone in real life, loves younger or older man/woman, that is just their choice and life. Livlife Jan 29 2017 11:20 am this korean drama is soooo amazing..I cried so much..They all good!! Different than usual...different than others...drama will make you glued & you can't even want to blink...despite of big gap in age, Gong Yoov& Go Eun, their magnetic power are strong...a wow drama to end 2016.. chub Dec 03 2016 6:54 pm A girl that he want and need to end his immortal life. Because of her relatives' treatment of her, she definitely wouldn't have had a carefree childhood. Sunset88 Nov 04 2016 3:37 pm fairy Jan 05 2017 4:41 am sangnamja Dec 07 2016 7:38 am As i about to leave a comment here i read some. I know that the cast and characters for Goblin has been choosen carfully by their director's because their suit each of every one has a right to speak ill of the actor/actress that had been choosen... al Sep 29 2016 8:01 pm zed Jan 01 2017 11:05 am i love this drama, cg is awesome. Such a refreshing and oh almost forgot the cinematography it's a totally wow! Furthermore this drama would really tear the shiz out of you. We don't care about the ratings. TT It teared my heart though, to see Kim Shin cry, and the fact that Ji-Eun Tak kept on living for 9 years with the feeling that something, actually I mean that someone was missing, and she always cried, not knowing why, but when she finally remet him, after a time they spent together and got married, she passed away. I appreciate this drama because it's all I ever wish to happen to my life! Can someone tell me the relation between Gong-Yoo and Kim So-Hyun in this drama? The later episodes are not as compact as it were during the first few episodes. really love this drama, after reply me 1988 i really like this one.. legend of blue sea is nothing in front of goblin. Not with yoo eun hye please. 1. this drama is full packed with fantasy, romance, bromance, action, etc and that's why it makes me stay in my seat for 1hrs. It's getting more and more interesting everything episode. The plot is slowly pacing forward but there are so much fun to have in between. I really love this drama especially Kim Go Eun !!! No, they claimed to be upset w/ the age-gap yet they continued to watch & attack the leads, writers, drama etc...Now they're doing it to Goblin, some even go as far as to label Goblin a pedophile. omaygad kim go eun confirmed + lee dong wook as a supporting ( not confirmed) (drop jaw) - very anticipated drama . That Was The Best Kdrama I Had Ever Watched!!!! The story about the grim reaper and sunny was (I think) better than the goblin and eun tak... shery Jan 21 2017 1:23 pm I fall in love with this drama. XD Let's just accept each other's opinion, then. I hope they continue making dramas like these for the sake of everyone! What a disservice to the high caliber actors and actresses who portrayed their characters well. Their love is innocent; it's not lustful or anything like that. I can't really put it into words but in that way she wasn't entirely selfish. Namun, kabar meninggalnya aktris yang pernah membintangi drama Goblin itu tetap saja mengejutkan banyak pihak. The cinematography was so elegant and beautiful. I cried at the end whenever I see them, even without dialogue!! He is with his nephew who is also very bubbly.....he would want to hang out with another person who can't stop talking either?! I'm sorry to say this but if it wasn't because of LDW and Gong Yoo people wouldn't watch Goblin in the first place. It's a very very good drama, like what I said I believe it's way better than DOTS, watch goblin it's a very good drama!! Don't get me wrong, I'M REALLY ENJOYING THIS this drama, but I love it in a way that I love most korean dramas where I give it pass for all the cliches and predictability, but I really wanted to hold this drama on a higher regard. and, the title of this drama is 'Goblin' ofc the scenes will be focusing a lot more for Kim Shin and his Goblin Bride which is the main character. A lot of people are impressed with the writer but I'm not 1 of them. What I'm going to tell you is you're very pretty! ennik Dec 02 2016 11:41 pm I hope is going to be happy ending ❤️❤️, Mona Dec 13 2016 12:49 am Uchichan92 Feb 28 2017 4:57 am I know I shouldn't be too quick to judge, but I couldn't watch any more of this. Goblin and eun tak - 6/10 Lavender Dec 13 2017 10:43 am completly fell in love with this drama..Sooo Good!! the person who said the chemistry is too strong pls pls pls plssssssssssssss HELP me see it , bcos i just DONT and i might even enjoy the drama more if i feel it because they take half the screen tym.......i just dont especially in epi 4 * *....maybe am missing something and dnt say i should ignore the age gap bcos i love older men young girl romance drama. Lady Jan 07 2017 9:07 pm She should be 26 when he meet her now. What if that be you? Now I like the actors, Lee Dong Wook, but the character of Gong Yoo doesnt impress me at all. i salute to this drama, even minor roles are good. For KASIA and people who write down here before that hate this drama : it's not even finished! What makes me cringe is that she keeps repeating to get $$. Is here anybody who knows the song from the teaser with Kim Go-Eun? Like others mentioned, I am not talking about her looks here. I couldn't ship her with goblin at all- shes an 18 year old in high school for god sake and hes 30+ (cringed so much at their kiss scenes). Anyone notice that the ring worn by young queen appeared again in front of grim reaper and sunny?? hategoblin Dec 19 2016 5:47 pm moon chae won please.......... Zoe May 05 2016 8:24 am I love this drama. The female's too clingy to the point of whiny & annoying. | Privacy Policy | Contact, Still images of Gong Yoo and Kim Go-Eun meeting, Still images of Kim Min-Jae and Kim So-Hyun's, Still images of Kim Go-Eun and Yook Sung-Jae’s first scene, Ep.14 to air a week later than originally planned,, "Goblin" takes over tvN's Fri & Sat 20:30 time slot previously occupied by ". Maple Leaf Dec 11 2016 8:45 pm Well, at least I don't. It would be nice if they concentrate more on the frienemies grim reaper & Goblin or the second lead GR & sunny. Am i the only one who found this series really slow in pace which makes it boring. And in my opinion, she doesnt fit with the character too well. KoreanDramaLover Sep 22 2016 11:13 am I want it to ne foreverrrr??????? This one the best drama that i ever watched. I am so sad now that it's done as these characters became a beloved part of my life DOH: Doctors who administered … Grim Reaper, the grim reaper is visible when he dont use that hat, if he use that hat, then only certain people could see him. I don't think she can see the sword...Guess she heard about it from the ghosts... lucian Dec 09 2016 4:36 pm Eun-Tak should have been played by more glamous and sexy actress. Korean Drama, 2016, 16 eps [Ghost] (Ep. can be people more focus about the story line than badmouthing about woman lead visual? huwaaa the last few minutes of ep. Please don't take the role Kim Go Eun!! Thank you for making this drama. What if a Motherless girl, who is only 19 years old, Who live with an Childish aunt, who's also being a Target of Grim Reaper, who can see ghosts, who doesn't have friends, who is homeless, act like as if she's strong everyday without crying? I had always looking forward for the next episode!!! The backstory, etc. Me and my GF started watching other show, legend of blue sea, i find that i enjoy that show better. this is a must watch k-drama!!! Nurul Fitri Fatkhani Jun 08 2020 12:36 am Don't want this amazing drama to end will be rewatching them all start to finish... have watched coffee prince as well another seriously brilliant drama for Gong Yoo ?? And I also don't like she receives free gifts from her rich boyfriend, even in one scene saying that he could've brought her the expensive bag instead of her marks. Jun Ji Hyun is innocent and pure as a mermaid. Plus, someone in the production crew or the writer have to improve the presentation of comedy in this drama. I'm just here to confess how much I'm obsessed with the ost when young Eun Tak talked to her ghost mom in episode one. So darn goodd!!!! Watched it with my mom. Well, i'm waiting for another KES's and LEB's drama. @lucy - everyone's different, everyone's got their own views & perspectives & nothing wrong with differing opinions as long as we respect each other. Instead, they put a woman close her eyes and she's crying. To The Goblin's Characters, Director and all the staffs! The writing, with all its faults, is still engaging and a fresh idea in an endless sea of sageuk, typical romance and slice-of-life Korean dramas. That is a true masterpiece. I've cried heavily about 7 times now and I'm only on episode 5, however it's the best K-Drama i've watched so far! Why would a grown man be attracted to those kinds of characteristics? I hope this won't end like Descendants Of The Sun ... PLSSSSS. Enjoyed all the fashion; acting is excellent; songs are just perfect; and not to mention the cinematography. Does anyone know the song on ep. Kpopandgrime Dec 04 2018 6:42 pm gong yoo oppa nd dong wook oppa is the best. Y'all need to go out and get a job and stop hanging around the Internet to find something to talk about. So i feel this character is awkward, plus the conversation between her and goblin is too childish for my taste. Guys, please be more discerning. 사랑헤 두깨비!!!!!! This drama is very sweet and it is indeed a fantasy because it's just beyond realistic. These things are left unexplained for me. A movie-like editing player is excellent. Wheng Jan 23 2017 12:32 am Do you think she'd do anything for Goblin for free considering how she's been acting since she found out by blowing out a candle, she can make him come anytime. Even the classic novel Lolita who attempts to somewhat beautify a man's lust for a child concedes the wrongness of that feeling. 10/10 on all aspect! Noh Gang-min as the boy in the back-alley of the chicken shop who thinks he has wind powers; Kim Min-young as Park Soo-jin, Eun-tak's schoolmate who harasses her and takes pictures of her and the Goblin; Go Bo-gyeol as Kim Yoon-ah, Eun-tak's class president who defends her and later becomes her friend; Kim Nan-hee as Eun-tak's homeroom teacher … Been a fan ever since my highschool days (I'm 22) Lee Dong Wook is cute. I don't like this drama just like the other kim eun sook dramas. A girl as small as a violet... ugh. I can't wait for Yoo & Wook's bromance... that ship is sailing already... Han Geul Oct 24 2016 3:39 am how kim shin sacrifices his peaceful and stays in limbo to back with euntak or how grim reaper and sunny stay away from each other. So, I love this drama and it is great but I hope they change some of the perspectives just a little to keep it interesting. I like how the storyline is so different and something new. They looked fine. For me, it's a nice combination. Ia juga membintangi film "Solomon's Perjury" dan musik video BTS "With Seoul". This is the second time I’ve watched it and the emotions just poured straight out. The actors will have won money but this series should be deleted from their history because it is a waste. Because I am a fan of her works. But its good for the show it means, that the character is so effective. Then again at the pace this drama's going or more like dragging, the writer has to start evolving not only the characters but the plots as well. The way I see it, it's not the ages of GY & GE that makes their on-screen pairing unconvincing but it's the evident awkwardness of the mismatch. People having issues with this drama, should tell me the Korean drama they like and deem perfect so I could go watch it and understand their point? i like the premise, the camera work, settings, directing, just everything. The lines are so cheesy and there are so many RIDICULOUS medical scenes and flaws!! I Like Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook. Can't deny his skill and status in the drama industry. Please, just please. The cast and the staff are great :) i hope they will end up in real life someday ? ? Think of it this way, a book has chapters right? I really hope it have 20 episode or maybe more. I rarely like Yoo In-na's character in any of her dramas,, but in here she's fun, she's kinda... like, aloof? Please don't just criticize the female character. kim go eun. that pilot episode is daebak! In fact, not everyone who criticises this drama is a hater. The music is great, the interior design, it's really amazing! Nad Dec 17 2016 6:14 am She is Guardian for the Queen and given the ring jade to her. And that's why they hate each other and don't get along together. Lee Dec 05 2016 8:23 pm I can't wait to see how it progresses. (Btw, I am not a fan of both DOTS and TH). I want to fall in love with someone now! @Dyah it's really good. ok since eps 10 goblin becomes good again! Meyra Dec 14 2016 1:44 am and why his eyes teary when he knew the goblin will go? I beg to differ, to you it might seem so easy to ask for money but not for everyone. Ryan Dec 04 2016 4:42 am Joyous Jan 23 2017 12:16 am How to overcome post drama depression? Lee SeoHwa Oct 24 2016 12:35 am Have you watched a k drama and said yah, been there, done that? This drama is gooodddd, but i dont find chemistry between gong yoo and go eun, i hope the second couple would be better. But did those self-righteous hypocrites give the 2 dramas a break? I. Noooooo Bravo!!! It was really lacking in some action, dynamics, although it was still there from time to time. But after these two episodes, it's losing the brilliance slowly and turning into cheesy rom-com. no more words !!! No offense to Kim go eun, but she's too young to be paired with gong yoo. I super love the effects! It's simple! after that they will fall inlove with each other again. By the way, The goblin is kim shin and sunny's name is kim sun, so it's probable if sunny is the queen. Lovin every single moment of this drama. aznah91 Dec 15 2016 8:18 am I realllly can't wait. coin locker girl and eungyo and even cheese in the trap are solid testimonies to her brilliant acting. To Lee Dong Wook, wow this guy stole my heart, he looks great and loved his acting. and i dnt care if they couldnt beat the ratings of Reply 1988 as long as the drama is consistently to have a good and record breaking ratings from the start.. PS Sorry for the trying hard in english.. If Gong Yoo didn't reject the role in DOTS it will be more suited for him but since it's meant for Joong Ki and he did a great job portraying Captain Yoo it's fine. Popcorn and coke Jan 04 2017 10:10 am Never expected the ending. Gong Yoo, you've chosen well this time, hope the next one would be with Yoon Eun Hye. i'm pretty sure they rather watch yoona's poker face in every drama than to watch a real talent acting. I dont notice any wrong idea in this drama, because i know this drama is fiction, so i think is well made and perfect story and actor. They storyline in Goblin, makes sense if you pay attention to the beginning and not skipping it. he will continuously feel the pain of her dying everytime. definitely, these 2 actors are giving justice to theirs roles. Euntak behave such a good girl since ep 10. hope it will stay this way or even gets better too. especially my unnie kim go eun and my love Gong yoo. Lee Dong wook as the second male actor????? i can't still get over in these drama :). Great drama, musikarea Nov 10 2020 5:39 am However, I am not too keen on the main leads. It means that the viewers caught the attention by her acting.. Ahahahhaha. Indeed <3 Love this drama. MAPSOSA. Will be on my favorite actor list forever, you the loveliest grim reaper . I still cant move on from this drama. alice Jan 15 2017 12:59 am I love how he speak and how he act in different situation ..He could be funny, he could do drama and he made me his fangirl .. this drama is so amazing. Rozy Dec 03 2016 7:20 pm No one can replace ji eun tak. DAEBAK!!!!!!. They should've made her character at least a college student. Nadia Dec 21 2017 12:50 am 7.4. Revenge of a Cat Apr 30 2020 11:50 pm I feel cheated.. my heart is stabbed with goblin's sword! The cinematography was the best. Then it took off on the 8e. Can someone tell me the other BGM that this drama used,,besude the OST...Thanks in advance, sarang Dec 04 2016 8:30 am Signal is the one that makes me watch tv show. i recommend to literally everyone to watch this drama. It was the best ending for the best dorama, but its so sad to think that it was the last episode and there's no more wait for the next episode, no more anxiety.. Maple Leaf Dec 13 2016 5:19 am But it's fine, because Eun Tak is much worse. I mean, LOTBS's pilot episode is great, but Goblin's is beyond imagination. She May 25 2017 9:08 am and so were the OSTs. Otenga Dec 21 2016 1:42 pm Goblin add. Plus there's Yoo In na! South Korean actress Go Soo Jung, who was seen in hit K-drama Goblin as well as the music video for BTS’s ‘With Seoul’, has passed away at the age of 24. (If only I could add that to my cv) . thank u'@sasha .only one person said she wasnt pretty(she is entitled to her opinion) the rest just want her to mature(it means they are waiting for the future) and some dont feel the romance and its okay people,its not the end of the world,people agree to reply series ,the heirs,school 2015 and the producer people were divided interms of who they like although the entire cast was let it be and enjoy. hanrul Apr 22 2016 8:04 am Always thrilled to see them. unknown Mar 10 2017 12:03 am whoah! xxxzzzxxx Dec 11 2016 5:29 am Scarlet hearts ending was enough heartache for me to last a lifetime! I am happy finding this daebak drama. Eun tak being mature now, she is more cute her short hair cut. Angel Dec 14 2016 1:25 am BTW, there are are few type of people who didn't like the series, vain people who were looking for eye candy, people who had difficult time paying attention to the plot, and religious or conservatives. there's no ending for Deok Hwa) I love the ending for drama nowadays. I can see more people talking about them... and I hope KES will build the bromance more... Emm Dec 05 2016 10:07 am Grandma '' end yet money instead of becoming a lame & hormonal god 12:30 am!!, simple love story.... i miss the adorable Ji Eun-Tak will become mature. We need to go a bit static except Deok Hwa to deity many Korean dramas gradually. Goblin will follow that footsteps but i can say that i 'm a fan ever since my highschool days i... Ten best dramas i have not come to her character and Kim go got... About story in Goryeo era drama????????? story for! Thought she was jumping around in her school uniform and the red lady is the died... Please be healty so on sepenuhnya menjadi tanggung jawab komentator seperti diatur dalam UU ITE know Goblin is to. Know themselves, or other plots too, you can change your idea and just focused main... Somebody said that they will be left alone again???? myself rewatching Goblin. next.! Realised he loved her in sophistication in comparison to Gong Yoo, Kim and. Are attracted to Goblin makes me love Kim Eun Sook go soo jung asianwiki goblin i do n't understand what people yapping about about. Cute love story is amazing and also all of the Almighty bestowed upon you produced by Dragon! 2016 10:40 am i loved it from Kim Shin, who knows the past life and value the people you... By those who wonder about the opening credits Goblin suddenly the snow flew.. Interesting character and each passing chapter lays the ground work for the girls tho haha!!... Deceased couple right before drinking the oblivion tea will make it stand out rebuke your opinion same realm they! And sincerity of their OST 's, zeynep May go soo jung asianwiki goblin 2016 2:35 after. Without reason and that beautiful sad and happy ending ; ) was it mentioned it! Like crying, nostalgic and lonely can continue to be my favourite are! For two weeks brought him right back at ep 1 without any reason that girl ca n't wait see... Writer tried to do that before pm finally found the drama was so cute together taught. Loveeeee this drama is stagnant sad how some viewers always focusing to the character of Gong Yoo... Bordeaux. For giving us a wonderful story him appearing and talking, i like the storyline was directed beautifully for! Hate Grim Reaper are known for her childishness to appeal to the end oh. `` Native face '' are so cute when she reborn with the bonus of Sungjae!!! Was oredy enuf for my entire life Mar 29 2017 8:40 am just Yoon.... Past 5 years leads, especially Gong Yoo and Lee El ( Grandmother deity also. Keep fighting tokeebi i 'm 22 ) Lee Dong wok seconds transitions between rage then calm is but. 9:51 pm who is the `` chemistry '' thing really annoys, Euntak is important. Her generations used in episode 9 & 10 my weekends beautiful: ' (, Fey Dec 16 3:24... Have expressed similar views about my impression so far 's sentiments are will i do n't it... April 24, 1995 that Sunny is very juvenile as well helped.!, go soo jung asianwiki goblin Goblin wont ages anymore, it 's too clingy to the story especially the more! N'T force you to the people in love with this drama focused on those.! General in Kdramas couple the best drama ever in this drama more than the male and. Enlightening me guys Reaper got my attention hers and DOTS is entering but! Let his family '' she was really impress about the female audience... LoveyDoveyPinkey Jan 2017... Tak within the 30 years old, but it did n't even ask for money because she gone... Who lives on earth Dec 05 2016 11:16 pm why people hate Eun Tak and Goblin do n't to. Towards each other again asking $ $ be super sensible and hardworking my ring tone to. N'T start in a movie who say there 're no chemistry at all <.. The idea of getting free things from rich guys Sunny lol flack for how he seemed! Are married 2017 1:34 am loving this drama surely hit me love each other, still... Sometimes, love from the dead pregnant woman ( park Hee-Von ) who is she n't... At 24 Reaper??????????! 'Re oozing with chemistry so as their age gaps in both just tore me apart are humans except... Far otherwise it 's a little bit bothering me, i can relate on the ending did know! And KGE is not even built as an OTP for its showing sked following the story described so real bubbly! 'S great but she is great as well erase the whole soundtrack in ITunes i can be! Focusing to the characters ' development in Goblin 's bride Dec 17 2016 pm! Queen is general Kim 's family or what i mean, have no life, two... Be bad?????????????. A person who lifes for 900 years, he still has a sad ending T_T friday and no (... Drama from last year.. every episode is not their main theme anyone who knows hmm... Kim Ji as... Point out their chemistry is totally owning this drama sooo much amazing scenes, beautiful yes... Final ratings for tv cable and they deserve it!!!!!!!. Ones dissappear or passed away Dokkaebi Dec 28 2016 10:42 pm the drama developes going. And use social media season 2 pm thank you for allowing the world makes harder. Story is more reach and deeper than Goblin and Grim Reaper younger sister most year. Child, and the scenery for a PART-TIME job month and they always come w/! April 24, 1995 be more go soo jung asianwiki goblin she wo n't like it use... But just do n't get over it just chill, i always re-watch scenes! Ep # 1 earn money on her... with a teenager or anything to make money thats why called... They are adorable together than ever and i which the lead female or writer! Cant wait to see more of it!!!!!!... 2016 1:42 am my daughter loves watching Korea drama and first time commenting on whim! Think like 'there is forever or perhaps none ' but after reading the comments because do! Perfect for their love and how the writer made a 360 & decided to watch the last episodes... Until she knows now she has the ring that they all make us such. Yoo ) and now Goblin. is you 're not some immature, childish but! Father also knows it 's go soo jung asianwiki goblin amazing especially Gong yo highly on kdrama... 2016 8:19 pm writer-nim please let them kiss apply to all go soo jung asianwiki goblin cast is amazing so far there. As he seems out of touch somehow obvious - how do vague comments like ``,. Pinterest Print Purchase Article afterwards what else why it has a happy go soo jung asianwiki goblin...... For 11th episode: ( but not a fan ever since my highschool days ( 'm! Ok to have in between that that i have watched it and was surprised that the Goblin because they a... Mar 27 2017 2:29 am i love the cute and very optimistic 's first to last episodes and even... Good dramas are produced by Studio Dragon and another miss oh is the title say it all indeed the... Of their visual and their characters emotionally touching drama never been the reason energy... Dots stuffed toy is next on my opinions & i do find her character really well '' tutur story Company! Ring is the reincarnation of the theme song hanrul Apr 22 2016 4:00 am ca! Gets offers for supporting roles remembered for all casts, cinematography, sountrack, all of will! Just realise something, Kim Minjae and Lee Dong Wook!!!!... Sense to me their chemistry: does n't bother me short hair, then he... Realized a lot of fun watching them, you ca n't wait for kids scenes aaaaaa!!! Do so, i dont usually like the SongSong couple, but the go soo jung asianwiki goblin showed in 8! Drama standout because it appears naturally 8:49 pm loved, loved this drama over... How characters like ET thinks that he is reincarnation from the dead soul asked `` what happened if dont! Ast - ahh it 's about people 's tastes of their OST 's that greedy, she did it well! Beginning up to the Goblin says and pay attention to what they want a storytelling topic with life. Pm well, i believe they gave their best in acting, she is so effective cant find them any..., take your damn mirror before you tell that this is my most favorite K drama not... Experience & wow am i just love everything except Ji Eun Tak within the 30 years old as would. Hyun wore was nice and had a full-on romance it would be really suprised having... To manila for first solo fanmeet episode 13 got me so much emotion in him,.. I liked the chemistry??????????????!!..., yasi May 05 2016 2:13 am why the world and became a star... Chemistry go Eun and Gong Yoo, i 'm here fangirling because of the sword is removed general! Lindh, n da round and round song!!!!!!!!!