The hapless storeowners went bankrupt during the economic crisis. Explore 204 Hopeless Quotes by authors including Elbert Hubbard, Henry Rollins, and Chester W. Nimitz at BrainyQuote. With Barnardo 's help, childhood trauma need not mean a hopeless future. Hopei Hopeh Hopefulness Hopefully Hopeful Hoped-For Hope Chest Hope Hopeless Hopelessly Hopelessness Hoper Hopi Hopkins Hopkinson Hopped-Up Hopper Hopple Hops Hopsack. Amid all this the Tory fortunes sank rapidly, becoming nearly hopeless when Lord Palmerston, without appreciable loss of confidence on his own side, persuaded many Tories in and out of parliament that Conservatism would suffer little while he was in power. Matteo 3 - this guy is hopeless Radebe 6 - Easy peasy Rio 8 - Tried to get things going. And so by default, because I was hopeless at everything else, I became a director. Even though I've left twice empty-handed, I'm still a hopeless romantic. Hopei Hopeh Hopefulness Hopefully Hopeful Hoped-For Hope Chest Hope Hopeless Hopelessly Hopelessness Hoper Hopi Hopkins Hopkinson Hopped-Up Hopper Hopple Hops Hopsack. We tried to stop the flames from spreading, but we knew it was, 9. Everyone is different, I know women that are hopeless at multi tasking and men that are great at it and vice versa. hopeless junkie under the control of Roo Morgan. burg, trying one plan after another without result, until at last after months of almost hopeless work his perseverance was crowned with success - a success directly consequent upon a strange and bizarre campaign of ten weeks, in which his daring and vigour were more conspicuous than ever before. But any such ideal is hopeless in practice, as the coal is not a definite compound, and it is impossible to subject it to a fixed temperature. 2 So hopeless, meanwhile, was he growing of being able to return home that, later on in the year, he was on the point of leaving Paris to take up his abode in the south with a French friend, 3 when he was engaged " by the month " as mathematical instructor to the young prince of Wales, who had come over from Jersey about the month of July. Examples of Hopeless in a sentence. A fight between the Colonna and the Orsini, as well as hopeless dissensions among the cardinals, prevented a papal election for two years and three months after the death of Nicholas IV. The doctor said the old man's condition was, 8. Feeling sad, helpless and hopeless: You feel an overwhelming amount of sadness and feel that there is no hope because nothing you do will help the way you feel. See more. The common people were kept in ignorance and practically in a state of hopeless servitude. He is not only talented and fearless, he knows it. At school I was quite good at arts, but, 11. Sentences. hopeless - meaning in Hindi and English. This left them in a state of hopeless despair in which they desired to know what they should do next. Somerset was in command; he showed hopeless incapacity and timidity, and in a few months the duchy which had been so long held by the swords of Bedford, York and Shrewsbury was hopelessly lost. The arfangement was made possible only by the hopeless divisions of Germany, the blind pride of Spain, and the utter political incapacity of both. So it was hopeless! See hopeless used in context: 100 poetry verses, 6 Shakespeare works, 17 definitions I feel so hopeless when I can't help her. Though he discharged his civic duties in spite of a frail physique, he emphasized the sorrows of life; and yet he advocated no hopeless resignation, but rather the remedy of work, and took as his model Heracles, the embodiment of virile activity. It was a hopeless task. without hope; having no expectation of. The overthrow of the monarchy on the 10th of August and the September massacres rendered hopeless all attempts at an entente cordiale between the two peoples; and the provocative actions of Chauvelin, undertaken in order to curry favour with the extremists now in power at Paris, undid all the good accomplished by the tact and moderation of Talleyrand. Definition of Hop. And for individuals, the quest can be all but hopeless. Although the government of which he thus became a member held office for only ten months, being placed in a hopeless minority on making an appeal to the country, Macdonald from this time forward took a position of constantly increasing weight in his party. It is so bad that all hope of ameliorating it is hopeless.". You'd be hopeless looking after children - you're far too impatient! Meaning of hopeless. Themselves giving up this world as hopeless, and looking for salvation in the next, they naturally thought the Buddhists must do the same, and in the absence of any authentic scriptures, to correct the mistake, they interpreted Nirvana, in terms of their own belief, as a state to be reached after death. Things are not hopeless and I would still recommend talking with a professional who can point out other options for empowering yourself. 13. If, therefore, the possibilities of exegesis were exhausted in the list of methods already enumerated, science would have to put the New Testament Apocalypse aside as a hopeless enigma. Sitting in jail, Roy felt that his situation was hopeless without the slightest possibility that he would ever see the light of day. . In most cases these subsidiary algebras, as they may be called, are inseparable from the applications in which they are used; but in any attempt at a natural classification of algebra (at present a hopeless task), they would have to be taken into account. But he is hopeless at managing the tea room". 2. i could go on. Translations of the phrase HOW HOPELESS from english to german and examples of the use of "HOW HOPELESS" in a sentence with their translations: No matter how hopeless no matter how far. The doctor said the old man's condition was, 13. Attempts to derive the anacromyodian and the katacromyodian from the diacromyodian condition are easy on paper, but quite hopeless when hampered by the knowledge of anatomical facts and how to use them. They used it to invest in apparently hopeless ventures or into business they knew little or nothing about. without hope; having no expectation of. English to Urdu Urdu to English Roman Urdu. Menu. I love reading and writing, watching movies and, to my shame, I am a hopeless telly addict, especially soaps! His unshaken conviction of his mission made him conscious of the responsibility which rested on him, but hid from him the hopeless defect in the coup d'etat. 3. The firm had to charge off the debt as. Examples of Hopeless in a sen. Thus, for the first time in the world's history, the ultimate problem of faith is based on the relation of God to the individual believer; and this problem Jeremiah is compelled to face mainly in relation to his own personality, to assure himself that his own faith is a trLic, possession and lifts him above all the calamities that assail him, in spite of the hopeless ruin of his nation. From 1409 onward he ceased to be a public danger to the realm, yet so great was his cunning and activity that he was never caught, and died still maintaining a hopeless rebellion so late as 1416. In 1552 he was promoted to the rich deanery of Lincoln, and in July 1553 he supped with Northumberland at Cambridge, when the duke marched north on his hopeless campaign against Mary. After the battle of Hastings Aldred joined the party who sought to bestow the throne upon Edgar the IEtheling, but when these efforts appeared hopeless he was among those who submitted to William the Conqueror at Berkhampstead. Francesco, seeing that the situation was hopeless, surrendered to Visconti, in whose hands he remained a prisoner until his death in 1392. Marmont and Mortier with what troops they could rally took up a position on Montmartre heights to oppose them, but seeing further resistance to be hopeless they gave way on the 31st of March, just as Napoleon, with the wreck of the Guards and a mere handful of other detachments, was hurrying across the rear of the Austrians towards Fontainebleau to join them. 171+17 sentence examples: 1. You're not the only one; many people feel hopeless in getting their anger under control or have seen others go through anger management programs without success. Hopeless used in sentence example & words in English. Then, wholly unexpectedly, came a letter from Capo d'Istria upbraiding Ypsilanti for misusing the tsar's name, announcing that his name had been struck off the army list, and commanding him to ?ay down his arms. REQUESENS - 1576), Spanish governor of the Netherlands, had the misfortune to succeed the duke of Alva and to govern amid hopeless difficulties under the direction of Philip II. Then, in May 1248, came the tidings of Enzio's capture by the Bolognese, and of his hopeless imprisonment, the captors refusing all offers of ransom. The articles of impeachment were sent up to the Lords in October, the trial beginning on the 12th of March 1644, but the attempt to bring his conduct under a charge of high treason proving hopeless, an attainder was substituted and sent up to the Lords on the 22nd of November. 2. What a hopeless muddle, and pure demagogy to boot. Her situation was hardly hopeless - tough, but every body had tough times. Thus transfer of learning from school / academic contexts to outside ones is pretty hopeless. Throughout this distance the river is a hopeless labyrinth of rocks, islands, reefs and rapids. Hopeless of the attempt he resigned his commission and embarked for Kingston, Jamaica, in May 1814. 1. There was a hopeless look in the dull eye that I could not help noticing, and then, as I was thinking where I had seen that horse before, she looked full at me and said, 'Black Beauty, is that you?'. This man had, after many vicissitudes of fortune, sunk at last into abject and hopeless poverty. Sitting in jail, Roy felt that his situation was hopeless without the slightest possibility that he would ever see the light of day. Someone who would tell me that my eyes are like the stars at night and how my morning bed hair looks like a windswept forest that dances whenever the sky cries every time the ocean quenches her thirst for love. Henceforth the South was fighting a hopeless battle. So that to Louis XV.s cynical and hopeless declaration: Apres moi le deluge, the setting 18th century responded by a belief in progress and an appeal to the future. 10 examples of sentences “hopeless”. I'll say yon 's Mack or Sammy Orr or Hopeless. Cambyses began to march against him, but seeing that his cause was hopeless, killed himself in the spring of 521 (but see further Cambyses). Meanwhile, Heraclius returned in triumph to Constantinople, in 629 the Cross was given back to him and Egypt evacuated, while the Persian empire, from the apparent greatness which it had reached ten years ago, sank into hopeless anarchy. Her hopeless captivity deprived her of her reason before her sorrows were ended by death, on the 27th of September 1615. 2. It is the very lightness of taxation in recent years which has suggested the possibility of comparing the relative burdens of different classes, which would have seemed quite hopeless with a high taxation and an immense variety of high taxes. He has become just another helpless, hopeless victim in Zimbabwe. Lists. Information and translations of hopeless in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. The assembly voted: Venice resists the Austrians at all costs, and the citizens and soldiers, strengthened by the arrival of volunteers from all parts of Italy, including Pepe, who was given the chief command of the defenders, showed the most splendid devotion in their hopeless task. A hopeless antagonism arose between them, which was widened by Enfantin's announcement of his theory of the relation of man and woman, which would substitute for the "tyranny of marriage" a system of "free love.". Commonly used words are shown in bold. Major depression refers to a single severe period of depression, marked by negative or hopeless thoughts and physical symptoms like fatigue. Who oversees indirect likely to conduct is that the hopeless says herb. at Worcester in 1651 convinced him that the royalist cause was hopeless, and he decided to return to England. They do not represent the opinions of Rare words are dimmed. His last telescopic discovery - that of the moon's diurnal and monthly librations - was made in 1637, only a few months before his eyes were for ever closed in hopeless blindness. The Sidonian king Tennes considered resistance hopeless, and betrayed the town to the Persian king, assisted by Mentor, who had been sent with Greek troops from Egypt to defend the town. The working out in detail of the problem, how far the differences among complex nations, such as those of Europe, may have been brought about by hybridity, is still, however, a task of almost hopeless intricacy. 1. The staff were good on smiles and sartorial smartness, but fairly hopeless at actually doing what was required of them. Both of the miners agreed that it was hopeless to continue in this vein. It's a pretty hopeless place to take a reader. i-6, in which the public and private corruption of a hopeless age is bitterly bewailed, possibly belongs to the same context. After Ellen lost her fortune in Las Vegas, her days were hapless and miserable. It was obvious that what they had failed to do by surprise was hopeless now that twenty-four hours had been given in which the Germans 1 Steinmetz was shortly afterwards relieved of his command and returned to Germany. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Here the close and solitary confinement, and the dreary and hopeless inactivity to which he was condemned, proved a terrible punishment for the full-blooded, energetic and masterful Bothwell. More a pop orchestral mishmash than a well-defined rock opus, Bat III is dark, seemingly hopeless at times, and über dramatic. A main cause of the cleavage in Germany was the position of ecclesiastical affairs, which - though by no means hopeless - yet stood in urgent need of emendation, and, combined with this, the deeply resented financial system of the Curia. After having besieged the city for a month Eugene found himself in a most critical, if not hopeless situation. They Synonyms: impossible, pointless, futile, useless More Synonyms of hopeless There was a further complication in that each one of these characters had at least two different phonetic values; and there were other intricacies of usage which, had they been foreknown by inquirers in the middle of the 19th century, might well have made the problem of decipherment seem an utterly hopeless one. And Bob Mills and Jeff Pope have written a comedy drama starring John Thomson about a hopeless spiv called Stan The Man. Then came the hopeless revolts of the Indians against intolerable oppression, the abortive rebellions of Hernandez de Contreras and John Bermejo (Bermudez) against the mother country (1550), the foundation of Leon, future rival of Granada, in 1610, its sack by the buccaneers under William Dampier in 1685, and, lastly, the declaration of independence (1821), not definitively acknowledged by Spain till 1850. Soon afterwards he was selected by the Habsburgs as the heir of the childless emperor Matthias, and on coming to Vienna after the death of that sovereign in March 1619 he found himself in the midst of hopeless confusion. 2. a. Lord B altinglass raised a hopeless subsidiary revolt in Wicklow (1580), which was signalized by a crushing defeat of the lord deputy, Lord Grey de Wilton (Arthegal) in Glenmalure. Therefore, it seems to be, with our present knowledge, a hopeless task to analyse the branchial organs of Arthropoda and to identify them genetically in groups. The public transport system was absolutely, 25. I feel so hopeless when I can't help her. Lyons, where the Royalists were strong, defended itself with courage, for the trial and execution of Challier made the townsmen hopeless of pardon. Another word for hopeless. The broken and demoralized army, its ranks thinned by fever and sickness, at last began its hopeless retreat, attempting to reach Catania by a circuitous route; but, harassed by the numerous Syracusan cavalry and darters, after a few days of dreadful suffering, it was forced to lay down its arms. I still am hopeless at eyeballing 130g of protein at the buffet table on the weekends. Another word for despairing. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate). Her case was hopeless from the first. That increase, it has been shown, is due to the early marriage and excessive reproduction of the reckless and hopeless, the poorest, least capable, least desirable members of the community.